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UK Charity

In April 2016 the WFSA (UK) received formal recognition as a charity and was entered on the register of charities with number 1166545.

The WFSA (UK) has the following charitable object:

“To preserve and protect the health of patients through ensuring they receive and have access to safe anaesthesia worldwide by educating and training anaesthesia providers, disseminating international standards and supporting research and innovation on anaesthesiology for the benefit of the public.”

The charity supports the full range of WFSA’s work. Its first targeted campaign is to raise money for fellowships and the charity offers a fantastic opportunity to get involved with this and similar activity.

Donations to the UK charity “Fund A Colleague’s Education” campaign can be made and UK taxpayers will have the opportunity for any donation to benefit from the Gift Aid scheme which boosts donations by 25%.


  • Professor Adrian Gelb
  • Dr Andrew Hartle
  • Dr Kathleen Ferguson
  • Dr Emma Lillie
  • Dr Jolene Moore
  • Dr Wayne Morris

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