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Full List of Benefits

WFSA is a unique global professional membership organisation, uniting and empowering anaesthesiologists in more than 140 countries. WFSA works with member societies and other organisations to improve access to safe anaesthesia care (including perioperative medicine, pain management and critical care) in all regions of the world.

WFSA’s strength is its member societies. We are strengthened by our diversity and united by our goal of improved patient care. WFSA has an official liaison role with the World Health Organization, where we raise awareness of the role of anaesthesiologists, and argue for greater resourcing for our speciality and our patients. WFSA is the global voice of anaesthesiology.

Benefits and Opportunities for Member Societies

• Advocacy on behalf of anaesthesiologists at WHO and government level, including official statements and letters of support for member societies.

• Connection with a global network of member societies.

• Connection with a global network of leaders and academic experts.

• Connection with other international organisations, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, the G4 Alliance, and Global Surgery Foundation.

• Promotion of member society conferences and other activities.

• Support for member society education and training initiatives.

• Support for member society development, including governance and operational expertise.

• Member societies are eligible to host the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA).

• Member societies are eligible to participate in WFSA elections and influence the strategic direction of WFSA.

Benefits and Opportunities for Individual Anaesthesiologists

• Eligibility to participate in subspecialty training through the WFSA Fellowship Programme.

• Eligibility to apply for a WFSA Scholarship to attend a regional congress or the WCA.

• Access to training courses, such as SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia, SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia, Vital Anaesthesia Simulation Training, and Essential Pain Management.

• Access to WFSA educational resources, such as Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week and Update in Anaesthesia.

• Participation in the WFSA Mentorship Programme.

• Eligibility to serve on the WFSA Board, Council and Committees and contribute to improving patient care worldwide.

• Eligibility for awards, such as the Innovation Awards and WFSA Service Awards.

*If you are a member of a WFSA member society, you are a member of the WFSA!

The WFSA also runs an outstanding website which provides a wealth of information including international standards in anaesthesia, recommended reading, a resource area, a directory of member societies, a diary of events in anaesthesiology, a full description of our global programmes and more.

The cost of all this? $4.00 per member per year. For example, a society with 10 members would pay just US$40.00 for annual membership of the WFSA.