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WFSA Scholarship Programme

The WFSA scholarship programme provides vital opportunities for young anaesthesiologists from low and middle-income countries, helping them attend congresses. 

Since 2008, the WFSA scholarship programme has supported 272 scholars from 75 different countries attend 37 international and regional congresses in person.

During the 17th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA) in Prague, the programme provided 580+ virtual scholarships to adapt to the global pandemic.

Current scholarships opportunities are now available for the 18th WCA in Singapore. The WFSA aims to support a minimum of 50 scholars attending the event in person and intends to offer even more virtual scholarships.

The WFSA’s ability to provide support for these scholarships is made possible through generous donations from partner organisations and individuals.  

Aim of the scholarship programme:   

  • Empowering Anaesthesiologists: The aim of the programme is to enable anaesthesiologists from low-to-middle-income countries to participate in international and regional congresses. Such opportunities are often inaccessible to scholars in their home countries.   
  • Knowledge and skills improvement: These events serve as platforms to improve scholars’ professional abilities by sharing the latest advancements and techniques, research findings, and best practices in anaesthesia. 
  • Networking: The programme facilitates the building of strong professional networks among scholars and experts in the field. These connections offer valuable support, collaboration opportunities, and knowledge exchange.  
  • Presenting Research: Scholarships provide scholars with a platform to present their research work with a poster presentation or an abstract. 

Programme impact and success:

  • New techniques and knowledge: WFSA Scholarships have demonstrated a significant positive impact over the years. Scholars who have benefited from these opportunities report increased confidence in their clinical practice and in performing regional anaesthesia techniques. Respondents report that it has positively affected their careers and improved patient care.   
  • Mentoring and knowledge sharing: The scholarship has also inspired scholars to share their knowledge and skills with their peers and colleagues. Scholars report that it has improved their teaching and mentoring abilities with many of them taking the initiative to conduct workshops and training sessions in their workplaces, introducing the techniques they learned during the congress. By doing so, they become advocates for anaesthesia safety and work towards implementing positive changes in their home countries’ healthcare systems.  
  • Research opportunities: Over 70% of scholars present a poster or an abstract at the congress they attend, which gives them a chance to showcase their work and contribute to advancing knowledge in the field of anaesthesia.   
  • Developing Leaders: The programme enables the identification and development of future leaders in global anaesthesia, which is critical to advancing the WFSA vision of universal access to safe anaesthesia.    

Title image: WFSA scholar Adisa Sabanovic with the President and Vicepresident of SRATI during the President’s dinner, awarded SRATI diploma