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Fund a Fellow

Fund a Fellow and help us reach our goal of training 500 fellows and provide safer anaesthesia to over 1 million patients.

Globally, 5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable anaesthesia and surgical care and continue to fall victim to high mortality rates for otherwise routine procedures. There has never been a more pressing need to improve global anaesthesia. 

There is an urgent need to meet the shortfall of skilled anaesthesia providers in lower-income countries. WFSA’s Global Fellowship Programme, provides low cost, high-quality training to anaesthesiologists across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Since its inception in 1996, our flagship programme has provided over 400 fellows from 62 countries the opportunity to be mentored across 8 anaesthesia specialities and sub-specialities. 

Supported by leading hospitals and a group of dedicated WFSA volunteers around the world, we are able to offer fellowships at no cost. Fellows are selected on merit, but can only continue to access these opportunities if we support their travel and living expenses.

Transforming anaesthesia care 

“The fellowship helped me to better understand the importance of communication between doctors and patients because when an adequate clinical history is taken, a better interdisciplinary approach in the treatment of pain can be achieved.” – Dr Marjory Ayma Palacios (former WFSA Pain Management Fellow in Buenos Aires, Argentina). 

Feedback from returning fellows consistently shows the lasting impact that these fellowships have on both on the skills and professional development of the individuals, but also on their patients and colleagues back home. 

How you can help in the fight to provide safer anaesthesia to 5 billion people

Your donation will enable us to continue providing anaesthesiologists from lower-income countries to access training and improve outcomes for thousands of patients around the world.

A donation of $100 per month will support a Fellow’s education, travel and accommodation for a full month. So please donate today.

You can Fund a Fellow by making a regular or one-off donation of your chosen amount or leave a gift in memory of a colleague or loved one. There are also opportunities to sponsor the entire duration of a Fellowship. If this is something you are interested in please contact partnershipsmanager@wfsahq.org.uk

Wherever you are in the world, your donation will make a difference