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Safety & Quality

WFSA’s role is to improve global standards in anesthesiology. To achieve this we work with the global health community to share good practices, improve access to essential training and equipment, and build the evidence-base to enable anaesthesia professionals to improve patient safety worldwide.

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Standards, Guidelines & Specifications

WFSA committees are at the forefront of refining and defining standards of safe practice of anaesthesia and the tools and equipment that clinicians need to meet these standards.

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Innovation and research

WFSA actively looks to encourage and support research and innovations that seek to have a positive impact on surgical patient outcomes.

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Professional Wellbeing

WFSA works with its members to promote approaches for maintaining and improving professional wellbeing; helping other anaesthesiologists to better care for themselves and their patients.

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Essential Anaesthesia Kit

The WFSA’s Essential Anaesthesia Kit comprises equipment which plays a critical role in providing safe anaesthesia and perioperative care.

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