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WFSA Staff

The WFSA is led and run by volunteers and is consequently able to keep staff numbers at a minimum.

The small Secretariat supports all aspects of the Federation’s work including programme management, fundraising, membership, volunteering and governance and is based in London.

Julian Gore-Booth

Chief Executive Officer

Julian has over 25 years of experience in international development. Before joining the WFSA he was Director of International at Leonard Cheshire Disability and prior to that the Chief Executive of two Charitable Foundations working with disadvantaged children and young people around the globe.

He has held Regional and Country Director posts for the International Red Cross and covered emergency and development operations in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to joining the Red Cross he spent two years with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) based in Jerusalem. His volunteering experience includes teaching in Malawi, elephant conservation in Kenya and youth employment in London and he is also a trustee of MAST, a charity that aims to conserve the UK’s maritime heritage.

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Stuart Halford

Head of Development

Stuart has over 20 years’ experience working in global health and human rights, most recently as the Director of the Sexual Rights Initiative in Geneva which works to advance human rights related to sexuality, gender and reproduction. Stuart has given numerous seminars, briefings, trainings and lectures on human rights related to sexuality, gender and reproduction for member states, UN agencies, NGOs and universities. He has been a technical expert for the WHO and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Stuart was an advisory group member of the Lancet / Guttmacher Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and twice a UK government delegate to the UN Commission on Population and Development. Stuart has previously worked at the Center for Reproductive Rights, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and consulted for Plan International and Christian Aid amongst others.

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Amal Paonaskar

Head of Programmes

Amal has an academic background in Biomedical Sciences and Global Health. Before joining the WFSA, he supported the programmes of Shaishav, a children’s rights organisation working with marginalised children in urban slums and remote regions of India. He has also worked on community-driven projects aimed at supporting education and livelihoods in Nepal and Zambia and spent time working with the NHS in the UK.

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Matthew Rothero

Partnerships Manager

Prior to joining WFSA, Matt worked as institutional fundraiser in development and humanitarian contexts for more than 14 years. This includes longer term deployments to the South Caucasus region with Oxfam, working as part as Oxfam’s Syria Crisis Response based in Lebanon, and more recently with ActionAid, deployments to Somaliland in response to the East Africa Food crisis, and to Bangladesh as part of ActionAid’s Rohingya Crisis Response. Matt brings extensive experience of fostering relationships with donors, working closely with colleagues to prepare proposals, contract management, and reporting. Matt’s voluntary experience includes working with a small Oxford based charity called Asylum Welcome where he acted as a voluntary Youth Support Worker helping to run a youth club for young, male, asylum seekers arriving in the UK. 

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Francis Peel

Communications & Advocacy Manager

Francis has over 15 years’ experience working in communications, marketing and advocacy for global health and not for profit organisations. Prior to joining WFSA, Francis ran Global Health Comms, a consultancy providing communication services to research groups working primarily in public health. His clients included London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the Economist Group and Imperial College London. He has worked on a wide range of global health issues  including school health and nutrition, neglected tropical diseases, small-holder agriculture, malaria and WASH. When not promoting global health initiatives Francis can be found at home being given the run around by his two kids.

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Victoria Coldray

Administrative Officer

Victoria has an academic background in Ethics and Development Studies and experience working with non-profit organisations in administrative and development roles.

Prior to joining WFSA, Victoria worked with a charity that provided educational materials and health programmes to vulnerable communities in rural Uganda. She has also worked under UK Department for International Development (DFID) funded programmes, providing financial training and loans to small and medium sized enterprises in East Africa.

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Niamo Yassin

Governance Officer

Niamo has a strong interest in global health and in governance. Prior to joining the WFSA, Niamo worked as a Programme Coordinator for a national clinical audit programme at the Royal College of Physicians, and has previously worked as a Commissioning Assistant within the NHS.  Niamo has also earned a degree in History and Arabic at SOAS, University of London.

Steve Ivings

Finance Manager

Steve joined WFSA in November 2021 and has a background in UK Charity finance having worked for various NGO’s and not for profit organisations including Royal British Legion and Age UK.

He spent a year working at the Association of Anaesthetists (AAGBI) between 2017 and 2018 where he gained an introduction into the work of anaesthesia in the UK. 

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Amelia Crowther

Projects Officer

Amelia has a strong interest in global health and international development. Prior to joining WFSA, Amelia worked for a non-profit membership organisation as a Projects Officer to deliver international programmes focusing on improving skin health globally. She has also worked as a Research Assistant for a university health department. Her volunteering experience includes working in refugee support for the British Red Cross, supporting hurricane disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean, and teaching in Malawi.

Amelia has earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and a master’s degree in International Development with Conflict and Humanitarian Action.

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