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Pain Management Committee

This committee provides support, training and education for anaesthetic practitioners (both medical and non-medical) who specialise in pain management, with particular focus on resource-poor countries.

Members of the Pain Management Committee

Dr.Clare RoquesUK and Ireland
Dr.Gaston NyurigiraRwanda
Dr.Abdullah M KakiSaudi Arabia
Dr.Sean Chetty South Africa
Prof. Xiangdong Chen China
Prof. Fumimasa Amaya Japan
Prof. Gouhar Afshan Pakistan
Prof.Nantthasorn ZinboonyahgoonThailand
Dr. Takdir Musba Indonesia
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific
Dr. Chris Orlikowski Australia
Dr.Viktor KubrichtCzech Republic
Dr. Gianluca Russo Italy
North America
Prof. Jason McVicar Canada
Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands  
 Prof. Ana Schwartzmann Bruno Uruguay
 Dr. João Batista Santos Garcia Brazil
 Dr. Alexandra Shelton Gómez Honduras