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About the WFSA

The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists is a unique, global network of National Societies that brings together qualified practitioners of this specialised area of medicine.

As an essential element of any safe and pain free surgical intervention anaesthesiology is a major contributor to positive health outcomes. The WFSA works to make safe anaesthesia universally accessible and to improve patient care around the world.

Vision and Mission

Uniting anaesthesiologists around the world to improve patient care and access to safe anaesthesia and perioperative medicine.

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Through the WFSA board, council and committees the WFSA is able to call on the internationally renowned expertise of our members to inform and direct its work.

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History of WFSA and Anaesthesia

The history of anaesthesia, much like the history of WFSA, is found in the on-going quest to improve patient safety by working collaboratively.

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Annual reports that highlight the wide range of support WFSA offers to its members and the regional and global health systems they work in.

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