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Intensive & Critical Care Medicine (ICCM) Committee

The function of the ICCM is to improve care for acute life-threatening illnesses and injuries pre- and post-operatively, and also for those not needing operative care. 

Committee members are individuals with expertise in the area of intensive and critical care and an interest in the WFSA commitments to education, science, patient safety and physician well-being.

The scope of activities includes the complete perspective of care for critically ill patients who are at risk, suffering from, or recovering from life-threatening conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, all forms of life support techniques, invasive monitoring and treatments, resuscitation, relevant bioethics, and end-of-life care.

Intensive & Critical Care Medicine (ICCM) Committee
Prof.Sheila MyatraIndia
Africa and Middle East
Dr.Babatunde OsinaikeNigeria
Dr.Arthur KwizeraUganda
Prof.Pragasan Dean GopalanSouth Africa
Dr.Angela Paul MuhozyaTanzania
Prof.Suneerat KongsayreepongThailand
Prof.Mohd Basri Mat NorMalaysia
Dr.Naveen MalhotraIndia
Dr.Rashan HaniffaSri Lanka
Prof.Marc LeoneFrance
Prof.Bernd BoettigerGermany
Dr.Sedu Banu AkinciTurkey
Dr.Tim BakerSweden
Dr.Ilona BobekHungary
North America and Canada
Dr.Lundy CampbellUSA
Prof.Meghan PrinUSA
Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands
Dr.Maria Marquela GuerraPanama
Dr.Joao Manoel Silva JuniorBrazil
Prof.Juan Carlos Flores CarrilloMexico