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The WFSA Global Mentoring Programme

The Global Mentoring Programme connects anaesthesiologists around the world to virtual support partnerships. The aim is to improve patient care by sharing professional knowledge on a voluntary basis within the anaesthesia community.

WFSA are looking for experienced practitioners to mentor members of our community who will benefit from their support and development in professional knowledge and best practice.

Benefits for the Mentee:

  • Knowledge and confidential advice of an experienced anaesthesiologist
  • Expanding you professional network
  • Guidance on career progression
  • Help with accountability to deliver on quality improvement projects and governance
  • Assistance with problem solving
  • Opportunities to understand anaesthesia practices and services elsewhere

Benefits for the Mentor:

  • An opportunity to support WFSA/ global anaesthesia
  • Helping shape the next generation of anaesthesiology leaders
  • Creating opportunities for cross boarder relationships and visits
  • Volunteering, sharing expertise and experiences
  • Assist in developing a career, bridging the generational and/or global surgery gap and help sharing the passion of anaesthesia

All participants will receive a Global Mentoring Programme certificate of participation subject to completion of the feedback.