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Pay Membership Dues

The WFSA allows member societies and their members many benefits designed to encourage learning and engagement within the anaesthesia community in order to promote our speciality and improve access to educational materials. The WFSA is already made up of 132 member societies representing more than 140 countries, so why not join our incredible network?

The WFSA has frozen 2022 dues at US$3.90 per member, for the second year running

Top 3 individual highlights:

  • The right to apply for WFSA Fellowships, Scholarship and for research grants
  • The right to nominate candidates and be considered for the WFSA Innovation and Service Award
  • Access and immediate notification of publication of the WFSA’s online educational materials, such as Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week and Update in Anaesthesia

Top 3 Member society highlights:

  • Access to the support of the WFSA leadership, including that of your corresponding Regional Section
  • A page dedicated to your society on the WFSA website
  • The right for delegates to stand for elected office in the WFSA

The WFSA also provides a wealth of information including international standards in anaesthesia, recommended reading, a resource area, a directory of member societies, a diary of events in anaesthesiology, a full description of our global programmes and more.

Constitution and Governance resources for well-functioning national societies

If your country or society is not represented find out more about membership. For those interested in setting up a Society, you can download a Member Society Constitution template.  

The Characteristics of a Well-Functioning National Society can be downloaded here in English and Spanish

The Well-Functioning National Society Questionnaire can be downloaded in English