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WorldMapper’s Workforce Map

Copyright: worldmapper.org

Our friends at WorldMapper have created a map illustrating the unequal global distribution of Physician Anaesthesia Providers

By using the WFSA’s Workforce data on the absolute number of Physician Anaesthesia Providers (PAPs) which was collected in the 2015/2016 workforce survey and updated and displayed in the Workforce Map, and each country’s population data, WorldMapper was able to distort country size depending on the number of PAPs. In doing so, they were able to illustrate the unequal distribution of PAPs around the world in a different way to the WFSA’s Workforce Map.

By making each country larger or smaller depending on the absolute number of PAPs, the map below demonstrates the urgent need to scale-up the anaesthesia workforce in many areas of the world, most notably in sub-Saharan Africa.