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5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable anaesthesia and surgical care and are thus left untreated, faced with catastrophic expenditure, or victim to high mortality and morbidity rates for even routine procedures. To address this crisis we must improve anaesthesia care around the world.

Transforming anaesthesia care 

There is an urgent need to address the shortfall of skilled anaesthesia professionals, especially in lower-income countries.

WFSA meets this need by providing low cost, high-quality training to anaesthesiologists and other members of the surgical team.

Programmes to strengthen the anaesthesia workforce

WFSA strengthens anaesthesia, perioperative care and pain management by supporting the training and education of anaesthesia professionals across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our anaesthesiologist-led programmes are proven to address gaps in knowledge and competency and to improve the skills of thousands of clinicians every year.

“The SAFE Obstetric training really improved my confidence in providing safe anaesthesia to pregnant women. The course provided me with the skills and knowledge I need.”

Prosper Mussawe (Tanzania)

How you can help

Your donation could help anaesthesia professionals from around the world gain invaluable experience and knowledge through one of WFSA’s education and training initiatives.

  • $50 provides online education for 5 anaesthesia professionals through our Safer Anaesthesia From Education (SAFE) Online courses 
  • $100 provides a bursary for an anaesthesiologist to attend a congress online
  • $500 provides hands-on-training for two anaesthesia professionals through a WFSA Continued Medical Education course
  • $1200 provides one month of subspecialty fellowship training for an anaesthesiologist through the WFSA Fellowship Programme
  • $2500 supports a scholarship for a young anaesthesiologist to attend an international congress in person
  • $15000 – $20000 supports setting up training programmes for anaesthesia professionals in a new country

“My fellowship in Chile helped me to perform my professional work with greater safety and efficiency.. I feel more confident in myself and I take advantage of every moment to replicate the things I learned.”

Dr Liz Marilyn Ugaz Cachay (Peru), Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship in Santiago de Chile

Fund a Fellow

As part of our campaign to Fund A Colleague’s Education WFSA’s Global Fellowship Programme, provides low cost, high-quality training to anaesthesiologists across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Since its inception in 1996, our flagship programme has given over 400 fellows from 62 countries the opportunity to be mentored across 8 anaesthesia specialities and sub-specialities. 

Supported by leading hospitals and a group of dedicated WFSA volunteers around the world, we are able to offer fellowships at no cost. Fellows are selected on merit, but can only continue to access these opportunities if we support their travel and living expenses.

A donation of $100 per month for a year will support a Fellow’s education, travel and accommodation for a full month. So please donate to Fund a Fellow today.

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