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Safety & Quality of Practice Committee

The Safety & Quality of Practice Committee promotes the highest standards of safety and quality in anaesthesia internationally; it provides support across the full range of WFSA programmes, in particular the Safety & Quality and Advocacy programmes.

The Safety & Quality of Practice Committee recently developed the morbidity and mortality tool kit for low and middle income countries (LMICs). You can access and download this below:

Members of the Safety and Quality of Practice Committee

Dr.Erlinda Dela Cruz OracionPhilippines
Africa and the Middle East  
Dr.Edwin LugaziaTanzania
Dr.Mary Theresa NabukenyaUganda
Dr.Hyla KluytsSouth Africa
Dr. Muralidhar Joshi India
Dr. M Rasiah Malaysia
Dr. Fauzia Anis Khan Pakistan
Dr. Prasanga Palihawadana Sri Lanka
Prof.Gerard FitzpatrickUK and Ireland
Prof.Benedikt PreckelNetherlands
Dr. Jonas WrigstadSweden
Dr. Ayten SaracogluTurkey
North America  
Prof.Sorin J. BrullUSA
Prof.Joyce WahrUSA
Dr.Beverley OrserCanada
Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands  
Dr.Airton BagatiniBrazil
Dr.Jorge RubioColombia
Dr.Sandra LealEl Salvador

Co-opted Members

Dr. Karen Nanji, USA