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Professional Wellbeing Committee

This committee creates awareness of the impact of occupational stress in our profession and to implement strategies for its prevention and management. The committee also disseminates educational resources about occupational health. 

Members of the Professional Wellbeing Committee

Dr.Susan NicollNew Zealand
Africa and the Middle East
Dr.G.M. King’ang’aKenya
Dr.Bisola Onajin-ObembeNigeria
Prof.Ezzat AzizEgypt
Prof.Mi WeidongChina
Prof.Eddy RahardjoIndonesia
Dr.Venkatagiri KalandoorIndia
Dr.Rana Altaf AhmadPakistan
Dr.Angelina GapayPhilippines
Dr.Bazil AteleanuUK and Ireland
Dr.Diogo Sobreira FernandesPortugal
Dr.Miodrag MilenovicSerbia 
Dr.Maryna FreigoferUkraine
North America and Canada
Prof.Sukhjeewan BasranCanada
Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands
Prof.Luis Mauricio Garcia BorreroColombia
Dr.Maria Eugenia InterianoHonduras

The Committee was integral in publishing: Chemical dependence in anesthesiologists: the actuality / Dependência química em anestesiologistas: atualidade in Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia.

“Occupational Wellbeing in Anesthesiology” (available in Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese and English) brings together 27 authors and has four main parts.

It aims to promote awareness, conscious that awareness of any problem is the first step towards its solution. Available in EnglishSpanishChinese and Portuguese

  1. Principles and Foundations of Occupational Health;
  2. Institutional Responsibilities with the Occupational Wellbeing of Anaesthesiologists;
  3. Biological Risks and Occupational Health of Anesthesiologists;
  4. Interdisciplinary Aspects and Occupational Health.

The publication of the book has been made possible thanks to the support of: WFSA, CLASA, SBA, Brazilian Council of Medicine.