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World Anaesthesia Day 2019 campaign


Join the WFSA’s World Anaesthesia Day resuscitation campaign, joining with World Restart a Heart 

We are asking anaesthesiologists around the world to take part in our World Anaesthesia Day campaign on the 16th of October to showcase the role of anaesthesiologists in resuscitation.

What is the campaign about? 

This year, the WFSA is joining with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), the European Resuscitation Council and their World Restart a Heart Day campaign, to raise awareness about the crucial role of anaesthesiologists in resuscitation. The mottos for World Restart a Heart Day are “All citizens of the world can save a life!”, CHECK – CALL – COMPRESS, and “all that is needed is two hands.”

The WHO-WFSA International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia highly recommend that emergency resuscitation medication must be immediately available as well as other resuscitation equipment.

On the day – 16th October 2019

To take part in this campaign, simply print off the printable poster,fill it in with the name of your country, and take a video or photo of you and your team practising resuscitation. Then share this video or photo with us on social media using the hashtag #WorldAnaesthesiaDay.

Tweet and share your support with us at @WFSAorg.

You can also use the following hashtags: #WAD2019 #Resus #WorldRestartAHeart

Your printable poster:

 Send us photos and videos of you and your team, with the printed poster, doing some of the suggested actions below:

  • performing chest compressions to the music of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees, or to songs suggested in this Buzzfeed article;
  • practicing and having fun with airway equipment like an oxygen bag or with a resuscitation trolley;
  • practicing intubation.

Here are some example tweets you can tweet on the 16th October:

Also available in Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Somali

  • High-quality CPR enhances patient survival by three to four times #WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WorldRestartAHeart @WFSAorg
  • When a cardiac arrest happens that individual automatically becomes the sickest person in the whole hospital, needing more #patientcare #WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WorldRestartAHeart @WFSAorg
  • 18.6m preventable early deaths worldwide due to lack of safe, affordable anaesthesia care #SafeAnaesthesia & #SafeSurgery are essential to reducing death and disability worldwide. #WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WorldRestartAHeart @WFSAorg
  • Investing in #UHC makes financial sense: every $1 spent on essential #surgicalcare results in $10 return on investment #WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WorldRestartAHeart @WFSAorg
  • There cannot be #UHC without improving access to SAFE surgical services. Evidence shows there are critically low numbers of anaesthesia providers in many parts of the world. @WFSAorg#WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WorldRestartAHeart