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Bursaries for online CME study platform

Granting access to quality assessed videos and lectures online is an important part of developing the capacity of anaesthesia providers around the world. To meet this need WFSA have teamed up with the online platform Bristol Final FRCA Crammer, to provide bursaries to anaesthesia providers from low and middle-income countries so that they can access a wealth of online educational tools and resources. The material is based on the Royal College of Anaesthetists FRCA curriculum and features over 30 hours of quality assessed video and lectures.

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Dr. Alistair Johnstone, Consultant Anaesthetist at University Hospitals Bristol and course Director of the Bristol Crammer, outlined how he hopes it will help disseminate sound knowledge about anaesthesia. “Bristol Crammer was established to help pre-prep trainees for the written part of the FRCA exam. The information may seem specific to high income countries however a lot of the information is centered on patient care and safety which is applicable across the board regardless of context.

The aspiration to provide safe anaesthesia care is a shared belief across the world and I hope through accessing this resource anaesthesia providers in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) will have access to high quality, free anaesthesia education that could be used to help develop anaesthesia practice in their countries. We were interested in partnering with WFSA because we wanted to provide access to LMICs and ensure anaesthesia providers everywhere have the same access to quality materials that our trainers here in the UK do.”

The Bristol Crammer can be used for teaching, training, self-learning and revision. Each video lasts around 60 minutes and covers key areas of UK anaesthesia practice delivered by both regional and national experts. A PDF of the video and the slides used during the talk are also available to be downloaded.

By partnering with Bristol Crammer WFSA aim to help build the capacity of anaesthesia providers in low and middle income countries by providing them with access to a platform that will develop their skills. Anaesthesia providers from a low or middle-income country (as defined by the World Bank) can apply for access through the WFSA Bristol Crammer page.

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