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WFSA Participates in NATA PBM Marathon 2024

WFSA, NATA and 15 other societies from around the world will take part in a 24-hour non-stop webinar on Patient Blood Management (PBM), anaemia, transfusion and coagulation education on 20 April

WFSA will join forces with NATA and 15 other leading PBM organisations from across the globe, to participate in the NATA Marathon on Saturday April 20 at 13.30 CET/ 17:00 IST/ 07.30 ET/ 11.30 GMT. The session will be chaired by WFSA President Daniela Filipescu.

The Network for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management, Haemostasis and Thrombosis (NATA) Marathon is a worldwide webinar spanning 24 hours, uniting healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines in an exploration of PBM, anaemia, transfusion, and coagulation education.

Held between 19-20 April, as part of the wider NATA conference in Bologna, Italy, the Marathon offers a dynamic online platform for global knowledge exchange on the latest advancements, best practices and emerging trends in the management of anaemia, critical bleeding and thrombosis.

Many of the societies participating in the NATA Marathon have endorsed the Santa Cruz Declaration, including NATA, SMAAR, and the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiology.

WFSA Session Programme

Session title: WFSA: Perioperative PBM Programs are a Worldwide Priority

Chairperson: Daniela Filipescu (Romania)

Talk 1: Perioperative PBM – a WFSA call to action – Daniela Filipescu (Romania)

Talk 2: Perioperative haemostasis: Are we still lost in translation? – Orawan Pongraweewan (Thailand)

Talk 3: Capacity building in Transfusion Medicine education: a case study of Transfusion Camp Rwanda – Teresa Skelton (Canada)

Talk 4: Expanding frontiers in education: The WFSA standpoint – Fredy Ariza (Colombia)

Download the full WFSA session programme

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