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In 2015 the Moroccan Society held a number of events including; the 28th National Congress of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, 1st National congress in Medical Simulation, postgraduate university courses, Hemostasis and Coagulopathies meeting, 11th Marrakesh Anesthesiology Meeting, 14th Anesthesia meeting and 7th critical meeting, 6th meeting of Obstetric Anesthesia and Critical Care Practitioners Club, 2nd meeting of Casablanca Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, and an Echography in Anesthesia and Intensive Care event.

The also created the Moroccan Board of Anesthesiology and Critical Care in September 2015 and pusblished the Moroccan Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Guidelines in December 2015, which included guidance on the topics of:

1- Standards in critical and intensive care
2- Safety in Anesthesiology

Member Information

Mohammed VI University Hospital, Marrakesh, MOROCCO

Phone: +212 673083938

President: Dr Jamaleddine El Kohen
Secretary: Professor Younes Aissaoui
Treasurer: Professor Abouelhassan Taoufik

Members: 350
AGM Date: 10-12 October 2019 
Preferred Language: French 
Year Joined: 2015
Region: PAFSA

Anaesthesia Workforce Data

  • PAP Density: 1.89
  • Population: 34,378,000
  • Physicians: 550
  • Physician anaesthesia providers: 650
  • Surgeons: 2,534
  • Nurse anaesthesia providers: 1,500
  • Other anaesthesia providers: 0
  • No. of physician providers that have an anaesthetic qualification: 500
  • Minimum duration of training (years) for physician anaesthesia providers: 4
  • Typical duration of training (years) for nurse anaesthesia providers: 3
  • Typical duration of training (years) for non physician / non-nurse anaesthesia providers: 0