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Saudi Arabia

The SAS has conducted symposia/conference on a two year basis since 1989 to date, and we hope to continue the same and also lift the standard of the symposium to be one of the best in the Middle East and also in the international arena. The support and encouragement of our colleagues from the entire Kingdom is a prerequisite to reach higher goals. 

Member Information

Saudi Anaesthesia Society

Address: Saudi Anesthesia Society
Department of Anesthesia
ICU -East bldg. Level II . P.O Box 11472
College of Medicine
Kind Khalid University Hospital -King Saud University Medical City
Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia


Website / Twitter:

Phone: (966) 011-469-2019

President: Ahmed A.Abdulmomen MD, FCCM

Secretary: Noriya S Susulan

Treasurer: Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed

Other members of the Governing Board: Dr. Mohammad Alharbi / Dr. Adel Alqarni

Members: 100

Preferred Language: English, Arabic

Year Joined: 1996


Anaesthesia Workforce Data

  • PAP Density: 4.76
  • Population: 31,540,000
  • Physicians: 71,518
  • Physician anaesthesia providers: 1,500
  • Surgeons: No data
  • Nurse anaesthesia providers: 0
  • Other anaesthesia providers: 0
  • No. of physician providers that have an anaesthetic qualification: 1,400
  • Minimum duration of training (years) for physician anaesthesia providers: 5
  • Typical duration of training (years) for nurse anaesthesia providers: 0
  • Typical duration of training (years) for non physician / non-nurse anaesthesia providers: 0