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World Anaesthesia Photo Competition – Finalists

A WFSA panel have selected 8 finalists from the 50+ World Anaesthesia Photography Competition entries. The winner will be announced at WCA 2021.

The below photos are ordered alphabetically by the entrants’ surnames. Captions are the photographer’s own.

Liz Marilyn Ugaz Cachay – Peru

Caudal anaesthesia with Bupivacaine 0.250% for reduction of the left hip due to congenital bilateral hip dislocation in a 9-month-old baby. General anaesthesia was followed with Sevoflurane for intubation and regional anaesthesia, it was reduced to 1-1.5%. The baby did well during the 2-hour surgery with minimal bleeding and was transferred to the -Anaesthetic Recovery Unit without pain.

José de Jesús Tamayo Cervantes – Mexico

A 6-year-old male patient with a preoperative diagnosis of right empyema and probable COVID-19. Postoperative diagnosis of right thoracotomy, under a balanced general anaesthesia, selective intubation, under video laryngoscopy, type 2 monitoring (invasive), without complications during the intraoperative period. Intravenous analgesia with NSAIDs, paracetamol and weak opioid. He was closely monitored on discharge to the PICU with ventilatory support whilst we waited for a CRP test for COVID-19.
Protection measures were taken by the surgical staff even though there was no formal protocol by the corresponding health organizations. Test results showed that the patient didn’t have COVID-19 and he was extubated after a 48-hour stay in the PICU.

Emerson da Costa – Brazil

The first of the triplets (weighing in at 700g) being positioned for surgery to close the ductus arteriosus.

Carlo Angelo Manalang – Philippines

Working hand-in-hand with other physicians in the non-operating room to ensure that, despite the challenges posed by the environment, the highest standards of anaesthesia practice are maintained.

Bianca Vanessa Betanco Peña – Honduras

During the corrective procedure of a Tetralogy of Fallot pediatric patient, I noticed a moment in which each member of the cardiac team – surgeons, surgical nurse, perfusionist and anesthesiologist – was focused on their respective roles. Each making sure everything is in order for the best outcome for the patient.

Maria Gauer Pilatti – Brazil

When the hospital becomes home, and the light that floods through the window illuminates far beyond the room.

Theresia S Shivera – Namibia

An Anaesthesia Refresher Course for anaesthesia providers at Rundu Intermediate Hospital organized by the Anaesthesiologists Society of Namibia with the support of Pharaon Healthcare Africa FZ-LLC. In the photo, Dr Julia Kapofi is with anaesthesia nurse assistants at a practical station on “How to prepare for General Anaesthesia”.

Vanessa Silva – Peru

Placement of a thoracic epidural catheter to manage the pain of a patient who is about to under go a thoracotomy for a pulmonary hydatidosis.