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World Anaesthesia Day 2022: #MedSafe

Anaesthesia professionals share their medication safety expertise as part of World Anaesthesia Day 2022 celebrations.

The World Anaesthesia Day Photobooth

Commemorating the first public demonstration of the use ether on a patient 16 October 1846, World Anaesthesia Day has grown to become a truly global celebration of all things anaesthesia.  

The theme for World Anaesthesia Day 2022 (WAD2022) was Medication Safety highlighting the  expertise and leadership of the global anaesthesia community in reducing medication errors and improving patient safety practices. 

WAD 2022’s theme built on the WHO’s Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm

Along with WAD2022 concerts, webinars and meetings, social media platforms filled with anaesthesia professionals from across the world sharing #MedSafe themed photobooth snaps, medication safety tactics and even World Anaesthesia Day cakes!

WFSA marked World Anaesthesia Day 2022 by putting together a Q+A with expert Joyce Wahr, in addition to creating a #Medsafe photobooth and a multi-platform social media wall of compiled #MedSafe tips and pictures.

Anaesthesia is #MedSafe

‘[medication safety is] our primary job – our goal lies in giving the right medications to achieve the correct level of anaesthesia. And I think we do recognise that our medications are potentially lethal. Anything can happen really fast, at any time.”

Prof Joyce Wahr, in conversation with WFSA

Dangerous medication practises and medication errors are the chief cause of avoidable harm in healthcare across the world. Globally, the cost associated with medication errors is approximated at $54 billion USD annually.

5% of all patients who are admitted to hospital encounter a medication error, it is estimated, and any standard hospital will have one medication error every 23 hours or every 20 admissions. They can result in serious patient harm, disability and even death.

Anaesthesia professionals apply personal and team-based practices to ensure their patients are receiving the right medication care on daily basis. They are therefore considered as experts on the forefront of medication safety practises.

#WAD2022 #MedSafe Posts

On the 16th October photobooth snaps from our #MedSafe photobooth, #MedSafe tips filled online platforms. Here are some favourites:

Lead image – Fadzlon Mohd Yatim