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WFSA Statement at 72nd WHO Regional Committee for Africa

WFSA Council member, Dr Phillipe Mavoungou called on member states to invest in anaesthesia training and engagement with national professional bodies as a means to strengthen the health workforce.

Dr Mavoungou gave his oral presentation in relation to Agenda item 17.2. The African regional framework for the implementation of the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030

Oral statement delivered by Dr Phillipe Mavoungou (WFSA Council member)

The global COVID response underlined the indispensability of the anaesthesia workforce to a functioning health system. As acknowledged in resolution WHA 68.15, countries will not realise UHC targets without a supported anaesthesia workforce.

Africa continues to face a chronic lack of trained anaesthesia professionals. Data shows that Africa has less than a tenth of the number of physician anaesthesia providers as recommended by the WHO.

There is an urgent need to develop and implement, national policy and financing frameworks that will sustainably grow and support vital anaesthesia services.

The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists calls on WHO Africa region member states to meet these workforce deficiencies by:

• Investing in anaesthesia and surgical care and the provision of training and continued medical education;
• Engaging with national professional bodies as they develop their HRH strategies.