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WFSA representation at WHO regional Committee meetings

As a non-state actor in official relations with the WHO, WFSA represents its member societies and the wider anaesthesia community at WHO’s regional and global meetings.

73rd WHO Regional Committee for Africa

Date/ location: 28 August – 1 September: Gaborone, Botswana

WFSA Delegation: Dr Phillipe Mavoungou

Statement delivered on Agenda item 17.2. The African regional framework for the implementation of the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030

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75th Regional Committee for the Americas

Date/ location: 25 – 29 September: Washington D.C., US

WFSA Delegation: Dr Luiz Falcao (Brazil) and Paul Pomerantz (USA)

Statement delivered by Dr Luiz Falcao on registration on Agenda item 4.3 Policy on the Health Workforce 2030.

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70th Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean

Date/ location: 9 – 12 October: Cairo, Egypt

WFSA Delegation: Prof Patricia Yazbeck (Lebanon) and Prof Nabil El Askalany (Egypt),

Statements delivered on infection prevention and control, non-communicable diseases and workforce strengthening.

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74th Regional Committee for the Western Pacific

Date/ location: 16 – 20 October: Manila, Philippines

WFSA Delegation: Dr. Erlinda De la Cruz Oracion (Philippines)

Statement delivered on strengthening the anaesthesia workforce.

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73rd Regional Committee for Europe

Date/ location: 24 – 26 October: Astana, Kazakhstan

WFSA Delegation: Dr. Emilia Guasch (Spain) and Prof Else-Marie Ringvold (Norway)

Statements delivered on Universal Health Coverage, Antimicrobial Resistance and workforce strengthening.

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76th Regional Committee for South-East Asia

Date/ location: 30 Oct – 2 Nov: New Delhi, India

WFSA Delegation: Professor Sheila Myatra (India)

Statement delivered on Universal Health Coverage.

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