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New and improved online learning resources

ATOTW new landing page

Earlier this year the WFSA launched a new and improved online learning resource as part of its mission to share high-quality and up-to-date education resources to improve anaesthesia knowledge and practices.

The new online learning resources encompass a bespoke and searchable virtual library containing improved Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week (ATOTW) and Update in Anaesthesia (UIA) pages.

Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week (ATOTW)

ATOTW is an open -access web tutorial designed to support anaesthesia education across the globe. Published fortnightly to over 18,000 subscribers, the tutorial tutorials are peer-reviewed and based on the most current literature. The ATOTW is accompanied by a quiz to enable self-directed Continuous Medical Education.

The new ATOTW site provides improved search functionality enabling users to search over 430 tutorials, translated into five languages and organised into a range of themes and sub-specialities. To support accessibility the articles can be downloaded to be read offline using your web browser or mobile phone. With the majority of ATOTW users accessing it on a smart phone the page design has been adapted to make it a more enjoyable experience on mobile devices.  

Visit ATOTW and subscribe.

Update in Anaesthesia (UIA)

Update in Anaesthesia

Update in Anaesthesia (UIA) is the official education journal of the WFSA. First published in 1992, UIA provides concise and clinically-relevant articles for anaesthetists working with limited resources.

The new UIA platform now features search functionality that allows users to explore over 25 years worth of globally-minded anaesthesia articles. Readers can download full volumes or individual articles that are of interest. Similar to ATOTW the UIA platform also allows users to ‘read offline’ making it more accessible for users in areas with low-bandwidth.

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WFSA’s Virtual Library

The Virtual Library is a resource hub of open source material, including journal articles and books, that WFSA recommends for anaesthesia providers around the world. Alongside journal articles users are able to search WFSA’s Youtube channel and download selected articles from the Anesthesia & Analgesia journal. The WFSA Virtual Library is for use by qualified anaesthesia providers and those pursuing a qualification in anaesthesia.

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