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WFSA Celebrates World Anaesthesia Day 2023

In line with our 2023 Annual Theme, we celebrated World Anaesthesia Day on 16 October by asking anaesthesia professionals to reflect on their leadership and expertise in caring for patients with cancer

With one in four men and one in four women developing cancer, and one in eight men and one in eleven women dying from it, the importance of good-quality, safe anaesthesia and analgesia in cancer care remains paramount.

This World Anaesthesia Day, we highlighted the need to advocate for greater anaesthesia resourcing to optimise outcomes for patients with cancer, particularly as cases continue to rise.

WFSA marked World Anaesthesia Day 2023 by creating a #CancerCare photobooth, a multi-platform social media wall with complied #WAD2023 photos, and an Anaesthesia and Cancer Care webinar with globally recognised anaesthesia specialists.

On 16 October, social media platforms were filled with #WAD2023-themed photobooth snaps and #CancerCare related articles and podcasts shared by anaesthesia providers all over the world.

View your photo on the WAD2023 mosaic

WAD2023 Webinar Special

Chaired by WFSA president Dr Wayne Morriss (New Zealand), the World Anaesthesia Day oncoanaesthesia webinar included expert speakers Dr Vijaya Gottumukkala (USA), Daniela Ionescu (Romania) and Claudia Marquez Simoes (Brazil).

The webinar, which was translated into Spanish and French, covered topics such as the global impact of cancer, the effects of anaesthesia on cancer, and the pros and cons of using opioids in treatment. The webinar also ended with a 20-minute Q+A.

The webinar is now available to watch online in three languages:

WAD2023 Webinar. Watch in French or Spanish

#WorldAnaesthesiaDay round-up

Anaesthesia professionals took to social media on 16 October to share snaps from our #WAD2023 photobooth, as well as resources advocating for proper anaesthesia and cancer care.

Here are some favourites:

Celebrating World Anaesthesia Day in Samoa! With members of the GHC