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Fellow of the Month: Video by Nina Taule Lim

The Thailand-based fellow introduces herself and documents her clinical pain management training

WFSA: Hello, please introduce yourself:

Dr Lim: My name is Nina, I am 34 years old from Quezon City, the Philippines. I am currently training in a hands-on clinical pain management programme at the pain management unit at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok. [Before my fellowship] I worked as an associate anesthesiologist in a tertiary hospital, providing preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care to a diverse population of patients.

WFSA: Why did you choose anaesthesia as a career?:

Dr Lim: I chose to take up anesthesia as my specialty because of 3 reasons. First, I love applying my knowledge in physiology and pharmacology. Second, I think that this specialty best suited my introverted personality. Finally, I wanted to help people and comfort their families by providing patients with effective and safe pain management.

WFSA: Why did you decide to pursue a WFSA scholarship?:

Dr Lim: I have been interested in Pain Management ever since I was a medical student, and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity by the WFSA to be a part of one of the best training programs in the world. Hopefully, I will be able to follow in the footsteps of my remarkable mentors and impart what I have learned to my younger colleagues.

WFSA: What is your daily routine like?

Dr Lim: I see a good number of patients with varying cases. I have rotations in the clinics, in-patient wards and operating theatres. Our programme puts emphasis on multidisciplinary pain management which involves working with a team of experts from physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, nursing and pharmacy.

My fellowship so far has involved working with the best physicians and professors in Thailand. Aside from developing our clinical skills, we’re also being guided in our academics and scientific writing abilities. Our programme has also been graced by many notable pain specialists from around the world.

WFSA: Did you find it easy to settle into your scholarship?:

Dr Lim: Thailand holds a special place in my heart. The climate is also very much like home, so it was relatively easy for me to settle in here. The picturesque sights, delicious food, and lovely people truly allow the amazing land of smiles
to live up to its name.

Nina Taule Lim (right) with Assoc. Prof. Nantthasorn Zinboonyahgoon, Head of the Siriraj Pain Management Clinical Training Center (middle), and a patient (left)

WFSA: What are the advantages of training in Thailand?

Dr Lim: There are a number of advantages in training in a neighbouring country. Observing and experiencing the similarities and differences in our healthcare systems made me aware of what changes we can do to improve the way we manage pain cases in the Philippines.

WFSA: What have you learnt during your fellowship that you will apply at home?

Dr Lim: I think that the non-pharmacologic interventions that I have learned here would be a great help to patients back home. Advances in evidence-based medicine, pharmacogenetics and personalised pain profiling are also some things I would like to apply in our local setting.

Dr Lim’s fellowship was sponsored by WFSA and International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). WFSA offers its Fellowships to anaesthesiologists from low and middle-income countries to increase their skillset and become leaders for anaesthesia once they return home. 

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Title image: Nina Taule Lim (left) with Assoc. Prof. Pramote Euasobhon, Director of the International Pain Fellowship Program (right)