Author: WFSA

Strengthening anaesthesia provision in Tanzania

With less than 50 physician-level anaesthesiologists to cover a population of over 58 million Tanzania, like many countries, has a severe shortage of trained anaesthesia providers. This is especially evident when seen in the light of the WHO-WFSA International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia which highly-recommends a minimum of 5 anaesthesia providers per 100,000 people. Tanzania makes up for this shortfall through the use of non-physician anaesthesia providers to deliver the majority of anaesthesia provision.

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World Patient Safety Day – 17 September 2019

 The Association of Anaesthetists and the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) welcome the announcement of the first World Patient Safety Day on 17 September 2019. This new annual event, announced by the World Health Organisation at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva, sets patient safety as a new global health priority. World Patient Safety Day provides a focus on improving safety standards and will help us further promote safe and high quality anaesthesia globally.

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SAFE Paediatrics is launched in South Africa!

The SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia course is a three-day course which aims to provide refresher training in the essentials of paediatric anaesthesia which emphasises the principles of safe care for children, in particular, assessment, vigilance and competence in essential skills. This article is written by Clover-Ann Lee, the lead on the SAFE Paediatrics project in South Africa.

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