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WFSA Statement at 73rd WHO Regional Committee for Africa

WFSA Council member, Dr Phillipe Mavoungou called on African member states to invest in anaesthesia services through improved policy planning, education and training as a means to realise Universal Health Coverage targets.

Dr Mavoungou gave his oral presentation in relation to Agenda item 17.2. The African regional framework for the implementation of the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030

Oral statement delivered by Dr Phillipe Mavoungou (WFSA Council member)

WFSA congratulates WHO Africa on its efforts to achieve universal health coverage. The WHO resolutions WHA68.15 and WHA76.2 emphasize the vital role of anaesthesia and surgery in realizing these goals.

WFSA continues to work with WHO AFRO Member States to strengthen the region’s anaesthesia workforce through clinician-led short courses, fellowships and scholarships. WFSA also continue to work with WHO to improve patient safety through the adoption of internationally recognized checklists and standards.

We know National Surgical, Obstetric and Anesthesia Plans (NSOAPs) are effective in helping governments to develop resilient healthcare systems. WFSA applauds those member states who have already adopted NSOAPS and encourages those commencing this journey.

The performance of anesthesiology, a cross-cutting speciality, requires high-quality diagnostic and laboratory capabilities, and WFSA congratulates WHO Africa for their focus and prioritization of these vital resources.