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European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC)

  • President: Prof. Wolfgang Buhre (NL)
  • Immediate Past President: Prof. Edoardo de Robertis (IT)
  • Secretary: Dr Else-Marie Ringvold (NO)
  • Treasurer: Dr Orit Nahtomi Shick (IL)
  • Scientific Committee Chairperson: Prof. Michel Struys (NL)
  • Research Committee Chairperson: Prof. Mark Coburn (DE)
  • Education & Training Committee Chairperson: Prof. Joana Berger-Estilita (CH)
  • Examinations Committee Chairperson: Prof. Markus Klimek (NL)
  • NASC Chairperson: Prof. Federico Bilotta (IT)
  • Non-officer: Dr Bazil Ateleanu (UK)
  • Non-officer: Prof. Luca Brazzi (IT)
  • Non-officer: Dr Emilia Guasch (ES)
  • EBA President: Prof Olegs Sabelnikovs (LT)
  • ESAIC Chief Executive Officer: Mrs Cathy Weynants

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