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Support the training of Ukraine’s anaesthetists

A UK charity leading the surgical training of doctors in conflict are looking for experienced anaesthetists to join the charity’s teaching faculty for a mission in Ukraine 18 – 27 August

The selected individual(s) would ideally have experience in a military, humanitarian or low-resource setting. During the charity’s 5-day course, the selected individual(s) would support the training of Ukraine’s anaesthetists, helping them understand how to better manage patients injured in conflict.

Full teaching resources, mentorship, support and mission briefings would be supplied in advance of the mission. They will also need to have undertaken hostile environment training or be willing to find three days (pre-mission dates) to complete a hostile environment course.

A certificate of humanitarian teaching would be supplied following the mission.

If interested, please get in touch with Matt Rothero for further information

Top image credit: Kathrine Andi, iStock, Getty Images