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18th Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (ASPA) Conference

Aspa 2022

The Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (ASPA) is hosting its 18th meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on 14 – 18 October 2022.

ASPA 2022 will deliver a high-quality scientific programme, sharing the latest developments in paediatric anaesthesiology across the spectrum. From basic science to global health challenges and opportunities, there will be face-to-face and virtual workshops, lectures and problem-based learning discussions (PBLs) with global experts.

In 2021, special interest groups (SIGs) in ASPA were appointed by President Josephine Tan. This year, there will be special panels discussing issues such as pain, safety, quality, research and cardiac anaesthesia.

The workshops on Paediatric Difficult Airway, Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Perioperative Paediatric Life Support (PPLS), Paediatric Regional Anaesthesia, Paediatric Difficult Vascular Access and Safety in Paediatric Anaesthesia will have special facilitators and lecturers teaching at hands-on stations to a limited number of attendees. Considering face-to-face attendance will be difficult or impossible for some of our members, virtual PBLD sessions with world-famous paediatric anaesthesia experts are also planned.

The Difficult Paediatric Airway Workshop is relevant to anaesthetists, intensivists and neonatologists looking to increase their airway management skills. .

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Workshop (POCUS) will provide delegates with hands-on experience with a portable ultrasound. Attendees will polish their interpretation of normal and abnormal ultrasound images of the paediatric airway, lungs, heart and stomach. There will also be hands-on practice scanning with live models.

The Perioperative Paediatric Life Support (PPLS) course will be hosted online between 8-9 October. The Face-to-Face PPLS Course will take place on the 14 October, covering hands-on experience on perioperative paediatric crises like perioperative cardiac arrests, as well as updates on paediatric resuscitation, recognition and management of arrhythmias. It will also cover the identification of the airway at risk, blood loss during major surgery, desaturation in the recovery room, and ‘tight bag.’

In the Paediatric Regional Anaesthesia Workshop there will be three sessions, within which the most common paediatric blocks are defined. Anatomy, sonoanatomy, and performing the block will be discussed, then live scanning on a standardised patient is performed via ultrasound. Finally, needle prob coordination will be performed.

The Paediatric Difficult Vascular Access Workshop aims to teach attendees the knowledge, skills and complications of paediatric vascular access through interactive lectures and hands-on stations. They will be able to experience insertion of intraosseous lines, peripheral and central venous lines, short and long-term catheters and will learn how to avoid potential harms and pitfalls of vascular access in neonates and children. There will also be sessions on ultrasound best practices.

Safety in Paediatric Anaesthesia workshop will be held online due to pandemic regulations for the participants.

At Problem-Based Learning Discussions (PBLDs), each session will include a difficult paediatric challenge, which will be discussed online with experts in the field for 30 minutes.

Speaking on the theme of the meeting, Congress Chairman Z. Serpil Ustalar Ozgen says ‘our theme this year is ‘Revisiting paediatric anaesthesia: merging the best of east and west.’ It is our hope that Istanbul, which has a unique place in the world, will merge the best of east and west and expand our knowledge and techniques in providing the best possible care to paediatric patients.’

Organising Committee

  • Z. Serpil Ustalar Ozgen, Assos Prof Dr – Chairperson of ASPA 2022 Meeting
  • Çimen Olguner, Prof Dr
  • Sibel Barış, Prof Dr
  • Canan Bor, Prof Dr
  • Pinar Kendigelen, Prof Dr
  • Dilek Altun, Assos Prof Dr