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World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

Every 4 years the WFSA and a member National Society host the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA). The WCA is the pre-eminent international congress for anaesthesiologists from around the world and provides an extraordinary opportunity for the promotion of science, education, training, networking and the exchange of experience across the spectrum of anaesthesiology.

Attracting delegates from 130+ countries the WCA is unique in terms of global reach and diversity and offers an outstanding scientific and social experience for all who attend.

The call for Expressions of Interest to co-host the WCA 2028 has now closed. The WFSA Venue Committee will shortlist 3 or 4 applications by the end of April and shortlisted candidates will then be informed and asked to prepare full bids. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to give a presentation to the Venue Committee in Prague in September 2021. 

Download the WCA Guidelines

17th WCA – Prague 2021

The 17th World Congress will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 1 -5 September 2021. You can view the WCA in Prague website here.

WCA 2024 – bidding process

Member Societies were invited to submit Expressions of Interest for the opportunity to host the 2024 World Congress. We received 7 Expressions of Interest and the following Societies were shortlisted and invited to submit full applications to the WFSA Venue Committee:

  • Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists
  • Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists
  • Society of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine of the United Arab Emirates

Further to the receipt of full applications and presentations to the Venue Committee the WFSA Board and Council then nominated Singapore as the recommended venue for WCA 2024. This was followed by a site visit which confirmed the nomination in early 2017.

For more information please see the WFSA Guidelines on the Application, Preparation and Organisation of the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists which can be seen here. A draft version of the criteria used by the Venue Committee can also be downloaded here

16th WCA – Hong Kong 2016

The most recent World Congress was held in August-September 2016 in Hong Kong. The Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong (SAHK) co-hosted an incredible Congress at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in the heart of the vibrant island. Over 6,000 delegates from 134 countries attended. 1,054 abstracts were presented. 648 speaker sessions. 79 workshops. 54 problem based learning discussions. 116 companies exhibited.

The abstracts from the WCA 2016 can be found here

15th WCA – Buenos Aires 2012

The largest WCA ever in terms of attendance took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the 25th to 20th March 2012. An astonishing 11,322 delegates took part including 8,893 medical professionals and 590 faculty. There were over 620 sessions on the programme, 771 digital posters were presented, 43 workshops were delivered and 94 companies and 23 societies exhibited.

The abstracts from the WCA 2012 can be downloaded here:

Part 1    Part 2

14th WCA – Cape Town 2008

Over 6,000 delegates registered from all 5 continents. There were 788 separate presentations, 12 workshops, 8 Industrial Symposium/workshops, 1019 posters were displayed and there were 130 exhibitors.

The abstracts from the WCA 2008 can be downloaded here

WCA Locations Since 1955

The World Congress rotates through different world regions and the below list shows the host cities and societies since the first congress in 1955.

World Congress Locations