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2023 Annual Theme: Anaesthesia and Cancer Care

The WFSA Annual Theme brings together the expertise of WFSA’s Committees to focus on a vital aspect of anaesthesia which impacts our members, the well-being of their patients and national health systems.

Throughout 2023, we will be raising awareness of the vital role that anaesthesia plays in the management of cancer and advocating for strengthening anaesthesia services to improve cancer patient outcomes.

WFSA will be undertaking a series of cancer care-themed initiatives including, specialist webinars, fact sheets, and curated resource pages.

Letter from the President

The global burden of cancer is growing – the number of cases is set to increase from 19∙3 to 28∙4 million by 2040. From general pain management to critical care, adequate resourcing of anaesthesia is paramount in being able to provide treatment of cancer worldwide.

This is why we’ve decided to choose Anaesthesia and Cancer Care as our inaugural WFSA Annual Theme for 2023.

Over the next year, the internationally renowned experts that constitute WFSA’s committees will be focusing on a range of cancer care topics to build the evidence base and identify best practices.

We’ll be utilising our status with WHO and ECOSOC to advocate for policies that will strengthen and recognise the importance of anaesthesia’s role in cancer treatment.

Finally, we’ll be supporting WFSA Member Societies to raise awareness about the impact that improved anaesthesia provision can have on cancer patient outcomes throughout 2023.

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Curated journal articles and tutorials on the theme of anaesthesia and cancer care.

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Meetings and webinars

A series of events bringing together anaesthesia experts to discuss approaches to strengthening cancer care

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