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Bristol Final FRCA Crammer online platform

Accelerate your study and Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning with the Bristol Final FRCA Crammer online platform. 

WFSA has teamed up with Bristol Final FRCA Crammer to offer hundreds of bursaries to low and middle-income countries (as classified by the World Bank) anaesthesia providers to access a wealth of online education tools and resources. 

Based on the Royal College of Anaesthetists FRCA curriculum, the platform features over 30 hours of videos and lectures of quality-assured e-learning.   

This programme can be used for teaching, training, self-learning and revision. Each video lasts around 60 minutes and covers key areas of modern UK anaesthetic practice delivered by regional and national experts. Accompanying each video is a downloadable PDF document containing the slides used in the talks.

How to Apply

Those interested in accessing this resource for free are required to submit an application through the WFSA awardsforce website

Once registered select Bristol Crammer from the Chapter drop down list.

Information required to apply:

  • Name
  • Contact email
  • Job title
  • Nationality 
  • Country of residence
  • Place of work
  • Place of study (if applicable)
  • Current level of qualification in anaesthesia
  • Reason for wanting access to the Bristol Crammer online materials (max 100 words):

Applications are assessed on a weekly basis and you will be informed by email on the outcome of your application. 

Apply for the Bristol Final FRCA Cammer.