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Priorities and successes of WFSA’s presidents

On 1 July, following two challenging but successful years, Adrian Gelb formally handed the WFSA presidency baton onto Wayne Morriss. In line with WFSA’s constitution, Adrian will assume the role of Immediate Past President. Adrian and Wayne discuss some of the successes, challenges, and upcoming priorities of the WFSA presidency.

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A farewell to the WFSA

Departing Chief Executive Officer, Julian Gore-Booth recounts some of the highlights from his 9-year stewardship of the WFSA

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Why are we still failing our critically-ill patients?

The positive impact of Essential Emergency and Critical Care (EECC) services is clear to see and yet these vital services remain chronically under-resourced in health systems around the world. WSFA Committee Member and renowned EECC expert, Dr Tim Baker, outlines what we can do about it.

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