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Creating your mentoring partnership

Once we have linked a Mentor and a Mentee together we recommend you follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Set up and carry out the initial meeting

  • Download and review mentee/mentor consent form prior to meeting
  • At the initial meeting
    • Get to know each other- your background, field of interest and experience
    • Share your thoughts on what you understand about mentoring and the reasons you have become a mentee/mentor
    • Complete consent form together
  • Share copy of consent form with WFSA

Step 2 – Ongoing relationship

  • Meet at regular intervals (WFSA would support monthly meetings):
    • Discuss and review progress – achievements, goals and outcomes
    • Discuss time frame and duration of mentoring relationship

Step 3 – Closure and evaluation

  • Once the mentoring relationship reaches a natural end point:
    • Evaluation progress
    • Plan next steps
    • Share feedback to each other
  • Complete feedback form for WFSA
  • Receive certificate from WFSA