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Society in Profile

Every month we take a more in-depth look at one of our members. The aim is to find out about their history, mission, activities and resources. If you would like to feature your society here, please contact Victoria Coldray

The Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia (SAZ)

The Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia (SAZ) is the representative organisation for physician anaesthetists and critical care specialists in both the government and private sectors in Zambia.

Initially founded in 1973 with just six physician anaesthetists, the Society fell into dormancy before being relaunched in October, 2016. It currently has a membership of 36 physician anaesthetists and 16 trainee members working across the country.


SAZ’s mission is to bring together anaesthesia providers in Zambia in such a manner that it will promote the growth of the profession in Zambia while working with key stakeholders to improve access to safe anaesthetic and perioperative services, as well as safeguarding the interests of our members specifically and all anaesthetic providers at large.


· Quality

  • Safe anaesthesia and perioperative care are essential for the provision of safe surgical services and SAZ strives to ensure all members adhere to the highest standard of care possible, at all times.

· Education

  • Lifelong learning and teaching are fundamental to maintaining high quality anaesthesia services. SAZ provides continuous education through webinars, academic meetings, workshops and courses are vital activities to ensuring the professional growth of members.

· Research

  • Through research, data is collected that will not only inform local practice and guide policy makers but will establish a knowledge base for future practitioners to learn, grow and adapt their practice accordingly.

· Advocacy

  • Advocacy for patient safety and patient rights are fundamental components of art of anaesthesia and a core pillar of SAZ organisational values.

· Partnerships

  • Forging local, regional and international partnerships allows members opportunities to learn from and interact with others in the profession, strengthening practice.

SAZ’s activities:

  • The hosting of academic meetings, Mortality and Morbidity meetings and journal clubs
  • Training health care workers in necessary skills: SAFEPaeds, SAFEObs, INSPIRE Through Clinical Teaching and collaborating with Gradian to train health care workers in the safe and appropriate use of anaesthetic and critical care equipment
  • Training of health care workers in the basic management of critically ill patients
  • SAZ is a member of the College of Anaesthesiologists of East, Central and Southern Africa (CANECSA), providing training support for candidates and participating in examinations. SAZ also provides academic support for trainees who are undertaking Master of Medicine in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (MMed) or Specialist Training Programme (STP) qualifications.

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