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Members of SSA have conducted many publications and medical researches that enhanced anaesthesia skills; as well as publications through periodic journal in association with annual conferences.

Conferences and workshops:
(SSA) established seven international scientific conferences that recruited valuable group of scientists and consultants of anaesthesiology and intensive care.

In 2016, SSA organized the seventh international conference in collaboration with fourth conference 0f the African society for regional anesthesia (AFSRA), with participation of ten distinguished anaesthetists from many countries; in addition, the conference hosted the international faculty of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) where the new update to 2015 resuscitation guidelines were launched.

The seventh international conference of the Sudanese society of anaesthesiologists and the fourth conference of the African society of regional anaesthesia aimed at presenting current research being carried out in the field of anaesthesia and hence to foster research relations with their surroundings.

Social Activities:
SSA organizes many of the social activities aimed at strengthening the relationship among its members whom belonging to anesthesia and intensive care field, such as regular meetings and social trips for the members and their families, as well as linking members from outside Sudan to contribute in these activities.

Member Information

Khartoum Teaching Hospital
Khartoum SUDAN

Phone: 00249116820141 / 00249912300864

President: Dr Khalil A. M. Alamin. Al-Darir
Treasurer: Dr Asim Albeli

Members: 100
Preferred Language: English
Year Joined: 1980
Region: ARS

Anaesthesia Workforce Data

  • PAP Density: 0.47
  • Population: 40,235,000
  • Physicians: 10,813
  • Physician anaesthesia providers: 190
  • Surgeons: 300
  • Nurse anaesthesia providers: 160
  • Other anaesthesia providers: 0
  • No. of physician providers that have an anaesthetic qualification: 150
  • Minimum duration of training (years) for physician anaesthesia providers: 5
  • Typical duration of training (years) for nurse anaesthesia providers: 2
  • Typical duration of training (years) for non physician / non-nurse anaesthesia providers: 0