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Recent activities:

  • Australia-Mongolia joint annual meeting in UB in June 2016 on Coexistence diseases in Anesthesia
  • 10 members participated in the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA) in Hong Kong
  • Mongolian anaesthesiologists gave presentations at WCA in Hong Kong
  • Australia Interplast mission in Khuvsgul Province (Dr. David Pescod)
  • Anesthesia residency training graduated 25 new doctors and entered 36
  • MSA training centre now running with financial support from ANZCA
  • Successfully created a partnership with “Lifebox”
  • Visited the Chinese Anesthesia Society (Dr. Odgerel) and participated in their annual conference

Member Information

Mongolian Society of Anesthesiologists

Address: Mongolian Society of Anesthesiologists, Sambuu’s Street, Baga toiruu, 3th floor, 306, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Facebook: Mongolian Anaesthesia Group | Facebook

President: Khurel-Ochir Nokhoijav, MD

Secretary: Undram Maisaikhan. MD

Treasurer: Odgerel Boldbaatar

Other members of the Governing Board: Dr Ganbold Lundeg

Members: 100

Preferred Languages: English and Mongolian

Year Joined: 1996

Region: AARS

Anaesthesia Workforce Data

  • PAP Density: 6.76
  • Population: 2,959,000
  • Physicians: 7,943
  • Physician anaesthesia providers: 200
  • Surgeons: 403
  • Nurse anaesthesia providers: 0
  • Other anaesthesia providers: 0
  • No. of physician providers that have an anaesthetic qualification: 170
  • Minimum duration of training (years) for physician anaesthesia providers: 2
  • Typical duration of training (years) for nurse anaesthesia providers: 0
  • Typical duration of training (years) for non physician / non-nurse anaesthesia providers: 0