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Recent important projects:

• A joint project of ESA SRATI and SARRM Practice Abroad Return Home was continued. In the frame work of the project 10 Anesthesia residents from Moldova followed a 3 months’ fellowship in University Anesthesia Clinics in Romania.

• In September 2018 a join Congres of SARRM and SRATI was held in Republic of Moldova, that was a great success with more than 1000 delegates.

Member Information

Society of Anaesthesia and Reanimatology of the Republic of Moldova
1, Toma Ciorba Street, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova, MD 2004

Phone: +373 9579474
Fax: +373 22 235281

President: Prof. Adrian Belii
Secretary: Dr  Severin Ghenadie
Treasurer: Dr Ivan Civirjic

Members: 178
AGM Date: September 2018
Preferred Language: English
Year Joined: 2004
Region: ESA

Anaesthesia Workforce Data

  • PAP Density: 11.55
  • Population: 4,069,000
  • Physicians: 10,432
  • Physician anaesthesia providers: 470
  • Surgeons: 563
  • Nurse anaesthesia providers: No data
  • Other anaesthesia providers: 0
  • No. of physician providers that have an anaesthetic qualification: 320
  • Minimum duration of training (years) for physician anaesthesia providers: 4
  • Typical duration of training (years) for nurse anaesthesia providers: 0
  • Typical duration of training (years) for non physician / non-nurse anaesthesia providers: 0