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Global Impact Partnership

The WFSA’s Global Impact Partnership programme offers a new kind of industry partnership which reaches beyond the traditional congress sponsorship model. By aligning with the WFSA and supporting our work, Global Impact Partners have the opportunity to achieve tangible health outcomes while at the same time gaining unique access to the field of anaesthesiology and anaesthesiologists worldwide.

Global Impact Partners are the WFSA’s highest level of supporters, funding one specific or a portfolio of WFSA programmes at $100,000 per year or more. Working closely with our Board and Secretariat Global Impact Partners have the opportunity to engage directly with anaesthesiologists around the world at our World and Regional Congresses and other events and may be able to engage directly with some of the programmes they support providing unique employee engagement opportunities.

Please contact matt.rothero@wfsahq.org for more information.

WFSA Global Impact Partners

The Laerdal Foundation

WFSA’s six-year relationship with the Laerdal Foundation has delivered training for anaesthesia professionals in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India.

Through the ‘Better Births – Safer Births’ initiative, anaesthesia professionals were trained in obstetric anaesthesia through Safer Anaesthesia From Education (SAFE) and Vital Anaesthesia Simulation Training (VAST) courses.

The Laerdal Foundation continues to support the Utstein Metrics Initiative which is working on the development and subsequent adoption of refined global surgical indicators.

The Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Following the success of the Obstetric Safe Surgeries programme in Kenya, Johnson & Johnson is supporting a new three-year project to strengthen anaesthesia and surgical services in Kenya and Malawi.

In Kenya, the programme will focus on improving obstetric fistula services. In Malawi, the focus will be on long-bone fracture.


Utilising strong links with the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, the WFSA partnership with Masimo has sought to strengthen anaesthesia capacity in India by training 900 clinicians and 142 medical educators through a range of WFSA-led programmes. In addition, the partnership has supported scholars to attend regional and global congresses including the 2021 World Congress of Anaesthesiologists. This successful partnership continues with a new project focused on ways to strengthen anaesthesia capacity in Palestine.