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Full List of Benefits

WFSA membership links anaesthesiologists and their Societies to a worldwide network of fellow medical professionals which allows greater access to learning opportunties and professional improvement.

The WFSA is a unique global organisation that unites anaesthesiologists behind the common objectives of improving patient safety and access to anaesthesia around the world as well as unifying and promoting our specialty. Other benefits of full membership include:

  • The right to send voting delegates to the General Assembly (held every 4 years at the occasion of the World Congress)
  • The right for delegates to stand for elected office in the WFSA
  • The right for members to apply for WFSA fellowships
  • The right for members to apply for WFSA research grants
  • The right for members to apply for WFSA scholarships that become available
  • The right to nominate candidates and be considered for WFSA Service Awards
  • A page dedicated to your Society on the WFSA website
  • Access and immediate notification of publication of the WFSA journal “Update In Anaesthesia” (a peer reviewed educational journal)
  • Access and immediate notification of publication of the WFSA “Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week” (a weekly web-based anaesthesia training tool)
  • Access to the support of the WFSA leadership including that of your corresponding Regional Section
  • Access to support on advocacy issues that concern anaesthesiologists in your country / region
  • Receipt of the WFSA quarterly newsletter and opportunity to submit articles to the newsletter
  • Receipt of the WFSA annual report

The WFSA also runs an outstanding website which provides a wealth of information including international standards in anaesthesia, recommended reading, a resource area, a directory of member societies, a diary of events in anaesthesiology, a full description of our global programmes and more.

The cost of all this? $3.90 per member per year. For example, a society with 10 members would pay just US$39.00 for annual membership of the WFSA.