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Telethon Webinar on Emergency Response

Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Healthcare Professionals,

In times of deep adversity, solidarity and humanity shine their brightest. In response to the devastating earthquake that recently impacted Morocco, there has been an immense gathering of forces from healthcare professionals and stakeholders to aid and salvage the lives of numerous victims. It is imperative that this cohesive and responsible initiative continues, enabling individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope for a brighter future. With this spirit, we cordially invite you to join us, on Sunday, September 17, 2023, to be a part of a renewed wave of solidarity by attending the Telethon Webinar « Morocco Earthquake ».

This webinar will address diverse facets of emergency response and handling situations amid disasters. The event promises insights from national and international experts in this domain. Furthermore, this occasion presents an opportune moment for all of us to contribute live to the noble cause through the special national fund No. 126,
a gesture that upholds the essence of live giving. Spearheaded by the Moroccan Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Critical Care (SMAAR) and the Moroccan Society of Emergency Medicine (SMMU), this endeavor is supported by partners such as the National Health Federation (FNS) and the Moroccan Society of Medical Sciences (SMSM), as
well as various regulatory, union, federation, and professional association bodies.

We open our invitations to healthcare practitioners, representatives from national and international scientific societies, pharmaceutical industries, medical equipment companies, medical and paramedic associations, nongovernmental organizations, councils, collectives, syndicates, physician federations, dental surgeons, pharmacists, veterinarians, healthcare clinic associations, hospital groups, and health sector foundations. Join us in large numbers for the Telethon Webinar « Morocco Earthquake » on Sunday, September 17, commencing at 10:00 AM (GMT+1).

Let us unite in this critical juncture to forge a path of recovery and resurgence. We look forward to your valuable participation and contribution.

Dr Kohen Jamal Eddine
SMAAR President


Sep 17 2023


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