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Ad-Hoc Anaesthesia Equipment Committee

 The Committee aims to:

  1. Identify suitable component parts for a basic WFSA “Safe Anaesthesia Kit” .
  2. Anticipate technological developments in both anaesthesia and anaesthesia equipment and determine whether these developments will be beneficial to LMICs.
  3. Establish a process for the anaesthesia community to engage with equipment developers to ensure that anaesthesia equipment is developed according to actual need rather than perceived need.
Dr.Philippe Mavoungou Congo
Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific  
Dr.Rob McDougall Australia
Dr.Phoebe Mainland Australia
Dr.David Pescod Australia
Dr.Mark Fajgman Australia
North America  
Dr.Pierre FisetCanada
Dr.Mike AppelUSA
Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands  
Dr.Pedro Ibarra Colombia
Africa and the Middle East  
Dr.Patricia Yazbeck Lebanon
  • Co-opted Member – Robert Neighbour (UK)